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Sid & Skipper Go Mustering SandS


Life has its ups and downs for old Sid, the Stations top dog, particularly when he is humbled by the actions of Skipper, a silly young pup.

A story of pride, a fall and two hard working dogs.

Age Level – Lower Primary

ISBN 987-0-9775615-5-1

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Backroom Press 2011    Reprinted 2017



Mama & Hug

Written by Aleesah Darlison

Illustrated by Heather Charlton

Hug is born in Spring, deep in the Australian bush.  As he grows, tucked in Mama’s pouch the seasons change. The hot dry winds of summer bring great danger to the bush. Mama must flee to protect her baby.

Age level – Primary

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WEP-Books-2017-Rainforest-Cover 2.jpg


Rainforest Feasts

Written by 

Carolyn Eldridge-Alfonsetti

Illustrated by Heather Charlton

The forest is dark now, and each bird and beast is waking up hungry and ready to feast!


Age level Lower Primary

ISBN 978-0-6481611-2-7


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http://www.wildeyedpress.com.au/childrens-books/softcover-books/childrens-books-Rainforest Feasts



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